St Louis Theological Seminary

Rightly dividing the word of truth.

A message from the President...

Antonio SistelosWelcome to St. Louis Theological Seminary & Bible College! I’m glad that you are considering this institution today as the vehicle to carry you forward in your knowledge of the Word of God.

Our goal as an educational institution dedicated to teaching the Word of God rightly divided is to exceed your expectations in regards to your learning experience and spiritual growth, which are key ingredients for a successful, joyful career and ministry.
Jointly with your personal commitment and dedication toward the learning endeavor, important components that should not be forgotten, our courses, whether at a distance or face-to-face, will permit your calling to serve the Lord to be even further revealed and developed, making your ministry extremely effective and gratifying. At the moment of your enrollment, this shared journey begins.
Keeping this in mind, that our teaching/learning partnership has a higher goal, we’ve designed each course to be as challenging and involving as possible, utilizing the best technologies and teaching strategies available. This in combination with a select faculty body ready to instruct, inspire, and encourage will lead you toward an even more meaningful learning experience.
May our Lord and Savior bless your desire to serve Him.
In His Holy name,
Antonio Sistelos, Ph.D.