St Louis Theological Seminary

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Ministerial Life Experience Credit

(for experience prior to STLTS enrollment)

STLTS recognizes that knowledge is gained through ministry and is valuable to a person’s service to the Lord Jesus; therefore, skills acquired through full- or part-time pastoral and/or missionary service prior to enrollment in STLTS will be awarded credit hours in the Seminary programs.

Requests for Ministerial Life Experience Credit (MLE Credit) must include supporting documents and be made in writing to the Director of Academic Affairs who, along with the President, will make the determination of the number of credit hours awarded.

A maximum of one-third of the required total number of credit hours required for a degree may be awarded as MLE credits as follows:  

No grade is reported for Ministerial Life Experience Credits; “MLE” will appear on the transcript.  Ministerial Life Experience Credits are not calculated in the GPA.

MLE Calculation

Senior Pastor:

  • Full-time      -     3.0  credits for each year served
  • Part-time     -     1.5  credits for each year served

Associate Pastor:  

  • Full-time      -     2.0  credits for each year served.
  • Part-time     -     1.0  credit for each year served

Minister of Youth, Education, Music, or Missionary:  

  • Full-time      -     3.0  points for each year served
  • Part-time     -     1.5  points for each year served