St Louis Theological Seminary

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Grading System

The faculty may record a plus or minus after each passing grade where appropriate; this recording will be placed on the student's permanent record, but it will not be considered part of the student's GPA. The designation of grades and points appearing on transcripts is:

Grade Grade Point Score Meaning
A 4 90-100 Excellent
B 3 80-89 Good
C 2 70-79 Average
D 1 60-69 Poor
F 0 below 60 Failure
S     Satisfactory
U     Unsatisfactory
MLE     Ministerial Life Experience Credit
O     Audit
I     Incomplete
W     Withdrawal

Grade Change

Students may request a change of the final grade recorded for a course.

Students are encouraged to discuss the matter first with the teacher who taught the course. Students may make a request for a grade review to the attention of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Requests for a grade review must be in writing and include copies of all work completed for that specific course. The matter will be brought before the Advisory Board for a decision. Students must notify the Director of Admissions of any grade change approved.

Formula for Calculating Grade Point Average

GPA's are separated by programs of study. Only grades for credit hours earned by completing coursework or by Proficiency Exams at STLTS are used in computing a student's GPA. The formula for calculating GPA is:

(1) The final grade for a course equals the grade point for that course multiplied by the number of credit hours for that course equals the total grade point for that course. (c) = (a) x (b)
(2) The sum of the total grade points of all STLTS courses equals the total grade points for all courses being averaged. (d) = (c) + (c) + (c) + (c)
(3) The sum of the credit hours for all STLTS courses equals the total credit hours being averaged. (e) = (b) + (b) + (b) + (b)
 (4) The total grade point for all courses being averaged divided by total credit hours being averaged equals the STLTS GPA.  
GPA = (d) ÷ (e)


Incomplete Coursework

Students who are unable to complete the requirements for a course within the semester will receive an incomplete "I" grade .

Arrangements for completing the course must be made with the teacher of the course. Students are expected to complete the course requirements by the end of the next semester. Requests for an extension of the next-semester deadline must be made in writing to the attention to the Vice President of Academic Affairs with a copy to the Director of Admissions. Students must notify the Director of Admissions of all extensions approved.