St Louis Theological Seminary

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Instructions - Prospective Students

(Read Thoroughly Before Proceeding with Your Application ) 

Admission Policy

Prospective students must have already experienced personal salvation through Jesus Christ. Applicants are assessed according to their personal testimony concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, their goals and purpose for seeking enrollment, academic background, and recommendations of personal references. Applications are processed by the Registrar, reviewed by the Director of Academic Affairs, and approved by the President.

Applicants who meet the requirements outlined above are granted admission. STLTS does not discriminate in granting admission on the basis of gender, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. STLTS reserves the right to deny admission to a prospective student based on the standards outlined above, including indications of a present lack of commitment to the Lord Jesus, unrealistic goals or inappropriate purpose for seeking enrollment at STLTS, inadequate previous academic achievement, or evidence of unacceptable conduct in the applicant’s current lifestyle.

Application Process

Student Responsibilities

  • Submit a complete Application Form (floating button) followed by Payment of the Application Fee.
  • The Application Form is made of four parts:
    • Personal Information
    • Academic Information
      • Program of Study selection
      • Personal Testimony including goals for the intended degree (between 800 to 900 words).
      • Unofficial transcripts
        • Note: Before final acceptance in the program of study, the student must request official transcripts to be sent directly to the Registrar at STLTS from each educational institution attended to meet prerequisites for credits to be considered for transfer for current program of study
      • Three (3) letters of recommendation. One must be from your Pastor, Elder, or Deacon.
      • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Additional Information (Optional)
      • It may include additional points of importance towards the application not addressed by the student in the submitted documentation.
    • Signature, Date, Acknowledgement, and Form Submission
  • Payment of the Application Fee
    • Make check of $50.00 payable to St. Louis Theological Seminary at the address below:
      • St. Louis Theological Seminary
        6234 Victoria Ave
        St. Louis, MO 63139

Administrative Procedures

  • The applicant’s testimony, goals, and academic information are reviewed;
  • Personal references are contacted and recommendations reviewed;
  • Unofficial transcripts for degree-seeking students are reviewed;
  • The applicant is notified of his or her pre-acceptance;
  • Official transcripts expected from the attended educational institutions;
  • Notification of student's final acceptance in the program.

Application Fee

The application fee must accompany all applications.  Application fees apply to all students, including applications of students auditing courses, spouses taking courses gratis, and students receiving scholarships or other tuition assistance.  Application fees are not refundable.

Course Registration

Course registration will be made available for prospective students after the enrollment into the requested program has been granted.