St Louis Theological Seminary

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Graduate Program

The prerequisite for the Graduate Program is completion of a Bachelor degree.

Credits from other institutions for graduate courses in related studies approved by the Director of Academic Affairs in which a “C” or better was received may be transferred to meet Master requirements.

Credits can also be obtained through Proficiency Exams that demonstrate thorough knowledge of the subject matter covered in a specific graduate-level course offered at STLTS. Additionally, Ministerial Life Experience (MLE) can generate credits towards any graduate degree offered by STLTS.

Credits earned for one Master degree can also be applied to the requirements for another Master degree program, conditional to a minimum of "C" or better grade and an overall 2.5 GPA.

A thesis of publishable quality written in Turabian style is required for each Master degree. If a student prefers to not write a thesis, it can be substituted with the completion of two additional classes from the pool of classes available. The only exception to this option is the Masters of Divinity, which requires submission of a thesis for its completion.


Master of Biblical Studies

  • Requires 36 credit hours with a maximum of 12 MLE Credits
  • Thesis (optional).

Master of Theology

  • Requires 60 credit hours with a maximum of 20 MLE Credits
  • Thesis (optional).

Master of Divinity

  • Requires 90 credit hours with a maximum of 30 MLE Credits
  • Thesis (required).