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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is designed to produce Bible interpreters capable of theologically sound analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of Scriptural principles and then communicating them to the Church, the Body of Christ. Participants will study biblical interpretation, theology, ethics, church history, practical aspects of ministry, becoming qualified to serve in this present age of Grace effectively as pastors, missionaries, or leaders in other areas of Christian ministry.

Applicants entering the M.Div. Program must have a Bachelor degree. If the applicant has little or no previous background in Biblical studies, completion of one or more additional graduate courses may be required by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required for complete acceptance into the M.Div.


Course Credits
New Testament I 3
Systematic Theology I 3
New Testament II 3
Systematic Theology II 3
Old Testament I 3
The Book of Ephesians 3
Old Testament II 3
Eschatology 3
Church History I 3
Greek I 3
Church History II 3
Greek II 3
Contemporary Evangelism 3
Apologetics 3
Pastoral Ministry 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3
Greek Exegesis 3
Expository Preaching 3
Pauline Theology 3
Theology on Synopsis 3
Pastoral Ethics 3
Methods and Research 3
Specialization Chosen 18
Thesis * 6

* Required


Suggested Sequence of Classes

Order Course Credits Weeks
  Order Course Credits Weeks
1 New Testament Survey 3     2 Old Testament Survey 3  
  Systematic Theology I 3       Systematic Theology II 3  
    6 7       6 7
  Break   1     Break   1
3 Church History I 3     4 Church History II 3  
  Greek I 3       Biblical Hermeneutics 3  
    6 7       6 7
  Break   1     Break   1
5 Apologetics 3     6 Contemporary Evangelism 3  
  Expository Preaching 3       Methods and Research 3  
    6 7       6 7
  Break   1     Break   1
7 Specialization Chosen 18 24***     Thesis 6 14
            Total Course Work   86


*** Time in weeks for the Specialization chosen include the one week break for each pair of classes taken. 

Progress Chart for Suggested Sequence of Classes Starting on Fall Semester



It is suggested to write the proposal by the time the Specialization chosen first class starts.