St Louis Theological Seminary

Rightly dividing the word of truth.

Specialization in Dispensational Theology

This specialization is intended to further develop the knowledge required to effectively teach, live, and proclaim the Word of God rightly divided within the local assembly anywhere in the world.

The Specialization in Dispensational Theology is designed to graduate students in 31 weeks of course work, if completed as suggested in the chart Sequence of Classes presented below, which is equivalent to approximately seven months of studies.


Course Credits
Dispensational Theology 3
Acts Dispensationally Considered I 3
Acts Dispensationally Considered II 3
Bible Doctrines 3
Pauline Theology * 3
Contemporary Grace 3
Research Project ** 3
* Students taking one of the graduate programs that already contain Pauline Theology on its grade must choose an elective to replace it.  
** Required for students taking the Specialization alone.  


Suggested Sequence of Classes

Order Course Credits Weeks
  Order Course Credits Weeks
1 Dispensational Theology 3     2 Acts Dispensationally Considered II 3  
  Acts Dispensationally Considered I 3       Bible Doctrines 3  
    6 7       6 7
  Break   1     Break   1
3 Pauline Theology 3     4 Research Project 3  
  Contemporary Grace 3         6 7
    6 7          
  Break   1     Total Course Work   31


Progress Chart for Suggested Sequence of Classes Starting in the Fall Semester



  1. For students opting to take the specialization alone, it is suggested that they write the proposal for their Research Project by the time the third set of classes begins.
  2. The stat date provided on the chart is an example for visualization purposes only.
  3. Cohorts are being formed year around giving students various options for beginning their specialization program.